Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WORS Report

Wisconsin Report

Colin and I are currently on our way home from a weekend of racing in Wisconsin. On tap for the weekend was the second to last ProXCT race of the year. The ProXCT series partnered with WORS (Wisconsin Off Road Series) to put on a race at Mt. Morris Nordic area in the middle of Wisconsin.

The reputation of WORS precedes itself. It is known to be one of the strongest mountain bike series in the country. It didn’t disappoint.

I had my doubts about the race on Friday. Colin and I showed up to preride the course and we were one of three vehicles in the parking lot. There were also only three team trailers around. Things changed dramatically between then and mid-day Saturday though. When we arrived for the race the parking lot was packed and a field next to the race was filled with tents and campers.

WORS designed a great course that passed within a hundred yards of the Start/Finish multiple times on each of our six laps. That made it a very spectator friendly course and the spectators showed up. In some sections they were three deep and screaming loudly. This race definitely had the best fans of any race I have been to.

While Colin and I’s results weren’t spectacular we still gave it our all and got a lot of cheers for Kenda.

Next we head to Colorado for three big races in a row. First up is Marathon National Championships in Breckenridge. Next is the final ProXCT race of the year in Colorado Springs. Finally, we’ll race in the National Championships at Sol Vista. I think all of us are looking forward to getting to altitude and racing some races that suit our strengths.

More about the weekend on my blog.